Oct 05Trader Joe’s Inspired Greek Salad

Trader Joe's Inspired Greek Salad

This is a salad I have been making for the past year. I shop at Trader Joe’s a lot and always have my favorite products on hand for… Read More »

Aug 15Coconut Milk Rice Pudding


I was searching for a quick and easy dessert recipe for an upcoming catering order and I came across this yummy one from Heart of Light blog. I tried… Read More »

Jan 06Beautiful Pesto

Beautiful Pesto

Chef Paolo Laboa of Farina Restaurant in San Francisco shows his version of Pesto.I am not sure it can get better than this. Be inspired!

Apr 29Easy Make Peanut Butter Cookies

Easy Make Peanut Butter Cookies

I stored this recipe away in my Try File a few months ago while browsing one of my favorite websites  the Kitchn spelled with no “e”. This website is linked to… Read More »

Apr 28Braised Chicken with Collard Greens and Apple Juice

Braised Chicken with Collard Greens and Apple Juice

I have been down with vertigo over the past two weeks so I have been watching more T.V than usual, and since there isn’t much on these days… Read More »

Apr 27I’m in Love…with Guava


The white guava is a fruit not commonly found in the U.S. and I have not been able to find anything worth buying until yesterday. I shop for… Read More »

Apr 24Singaporean Chicken and Rice with Tender Pea Shoots


Springtime is here and I love the pea shoots that are available at my local Chinese market. I always buy the large leaf variety because I find the… Read More »

Mar 20Irish Soda Bread


I was in search of an Irish soda bread recipe the other day, being the week of Saint Patricks Day and all, so I did my usual search… Read More »

Mar 16Bhindi Masala

Bindi Masala

Bhindi, or okra in English, is one of those vegetables you either love or hate. I am happy to say that I love okra and this is my… Read More »

Mar 10Split Pea Soup

Split Pea Soup

I love to make this soup when I want dinner fast and easy. It’s so filling and satisfying, everyone in my family agrees. The addition of the raw… Read More »