May 02Candy Bar Makeover

candy bar makeover

I have a sweet tooth that will not quit so I have been trying to get creative with portion size and cut back on the sugar. I have… Read More »

Apr 21Eat Your Seasonal Veggies Series

eat your veggies series 2

1 cup orzo pasta 1 cup peas, fresh from the pod if you can 1 tablespoon butter Olive oil Zest and juice of 1 lemon ¼ cup grated… Read More »

Apr 20Happy Half Birthday

happy half birthday

My baby just turned 6 months so I decided to make a cake to celebrate. I wanted to make something that was close to my heart and so… Read More »

Apr 12Healthy Bhindi Masala

bindi misala

Ok, so last week was quite a heavy dish. Now that I have eaten cheesecake a few times in a row I need to get back on track…. Read More »

Apr 05Caramel Cheese Cake

cheese cake

My husband recently went away with our two older boys, my brother and a great family friend to the Grand Canyon in Flagstaff, Arizona for a bit of… Read More »

Mar 28Kids and Salsa

Kids and Salsa

Feeding the kids after school snacks have been a bit of a challenge, especially for my boys. I have to take some of the blame for this, well… Read More »

Mar 21Chinese Take-Out Reclaimed

Chinese Take-Out Reclaimed

These days our family is trying to be more health conscious. I just had a baby 5 months ago, and my husband and boys are going to the… Read More »

Mar 15My Great Pumpkin Episode

My Great Pumpkin Episode

“For me, food is far beyond the metaphors for love and sentiment and “communication.” I do not demonstrate affection with food. Less noble than that, I cook because… Read More »

Feb 24Wild Flour Bread

Wild Flour Bread

If you ever find yourself near Sebastopol, Ca. in a little town called Freestone then make sure to check out Wild Flour Bread Bakery and enjoy some amazing… Read More »

Jan 15Chicken Cacciatore


By now you might have noticed that I have been making a lot of comfort style foods. I am cold and it’s been raining, so that’s part of… Read More »