Monday April 27, 2009

I’m in Love…with Guava
It may look ugly but it’s tasty!


A ripe guava ready to eat.


I’m in Love…with Guava

The white guava is a fruit not commonly found in the U.S. and I have not been able to find anything worth buying until yesterday. I shop for many of my vegetables at my local Indian grocery, we have about 20 just in Fremont and I am not exaggerating! I like Nameste Plaza because the freshness is by far the best in town and the owner is very polite. I have seen the white guava before but it is usually so under ripe that it never aspires to anything great, but as I was shopping for this weekend’s veggies I was overcome by the perfume of this fruit beckoning me to check it out. I am not kidding, I brought about 6 home and when I cut into them I was rewarded with the same fruit I experienced when I tried it in Pakistan. I still remember sitting in my husband’s family home. He had brought some salt and red chili in small mounds on a plate with a knife and fed me my first bite. He kept the skin on and sliced it into half moon shapes and dipped the corners in the salt and chili. The flesh is butter soft when ripe and the seeds crunchy but enjoyable. The different textures and tastes of sweet, salty and spicy danced in my mouth. As you eat the perfume keeps you wanting more!