Lisa AhmadWelcome to Behind The Stove Blog. My name is Lisa Ahmad, and this site is where you can find me in my kitchen cooking healthful, halal focused and natural, food for my friends and family. I will be sharing my home cooking recipes as well as tips and tools to help you find your way behind your stove too.

Born in the Bay Area my passion for good food and cooking was fueled by my own family’s Italian restaurant Lucia’s. It inspired me to pursue a degree in Culinary Arts from the California Culinary Academy of San Francisco. I also interned at La Patisserie Francaise, a French Bakery in San Francisco, where I gained extensive knowledge and experience working with bread, cakes and pastries. My frequent visits to my husband’s homeland Pakistan and exposure to its unique culture and cuisine has helped cultivate my understanding of diverse cooking styles and use of spices. I am owner of Mirchi Café, a halal restaurant in Fremont, California that specializes in an eclectic cuisine. It focuses on the flavors of India, Pakistan and Asia brought out through comfort American Classics like burgers, pizza, fried chicken, club sandwiches and Asian style stir-fry to name a few. My cooking passion has drawn me to many other different cuisines. Ethnic foods from, China, Thailand and Morocco are also a constant favorite with me. Over the years my experience in Classic American, Italian and French cooking has served to further enhance by culinary portfolio. My focus has always been halal, fresh & local when possible, healthful whole food. Apart from managing the Behind The Stove Blog and my website I also enjoy taking part in other culinary opportunities. They include cooking demonstrations, cooking classes, high school mentoring, food articles, photography and restaurant consultation. I live in Northern California with my husband and four children.